Monday, November 28, 2005

The strange suicide of Col. Westhusing

Bush the Younger scores another triumph.

From the article:
[A]bout 1 p.m., a USIS manager went looking for Westhusing because he was scheduled for a ride back to the Green Zone. After getting no answer, the manager returned about 15 minutes later. Another USIS employee peeked through a window. He saw Westhusing lying on the floor in a pool of blood.

The manager rushed into the trailer and tried to revive Westhusing. The manager told investigators that he picked up the pistol at Westhusing's feet and tossed it onto the bed.

"I knew people would show up," that manager said later in attempting to explain why he had handled the weapon. "With 30 years from [sic] military and law enforcement training, I did not want the weapon to get bumped and go off."

30 years military and law enforcement training? Anyone with enough law enforcement training to have graduated from police academy knows you don't tamper with a possible crime scene. Anyone with enough knowledge to handle a weapon profesionally knows that a modern pitol is not going to "go off" if "bumped." And, if that truly was his concern, why did he risk "bumping" the pistol by "tossing it onto the bed?"