Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Free Roger Clemens!

Baseball great Roger Clemens has been dragged, like the serf we all are under our current regime, before the House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform.

The jurisdiction of the Committee, from its own webpage, is as follows:
Committee Jurisdiction

Legislative Responsibilities
The legislative jurisdiction of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform includes the following areas, as set forth in House Rule X, clause 1:

• Federal civil service, including intergovernmental personnel; and the status of officers and employees of the United States, including their compensation, classification, and retirement;
• Municipal affairs of the District of Columbia in general (other than appropriations);
• Federal paperwork reduction;
• Government management and accounting measures generally;
• Holidays and celebrations;
• Overall economy, efficiency, and management of government operations and activities, including federal procurement;
• National archives;
• Population and demography generally, including the Census;
• Postal service generally, including transportation of the mails;
• Public information and records;
• Relationship of the federal government to the states and municipalities generally; and
• Reorganizations in the executive branch of the government.

I don't see baseball anywhere in there. Free Roger Clemens!

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