Tuesday, July 08, 2008

AB 2062 Idiocy

The reliably anti-gun San Jose Mercury News today editorialized in favor of California Assembly Bill 2062, by Kevin De Leon (D - Los Angeles).

AB 2062 would introduce a complex, cumbersome, expensive and needless series of restrictions on vendors and buyers of ammunition in California, as well as prohibit Internet sales of ammunition.

There is nothing new in De Leon's bill. We had almost 20 years of this very thing, nationwide, between the Gun Control Act of 1968 and the McClure-Volkmer reforms of 1986. It was repealed because everyone -- law enforcement, ATF, everyone -- admitted what the "gun lobby" said all along: it was an expensive, intrusive waste of time.

18 years of ammo dealer licensing, record-keeping, warrantless surveillance, no mail-order sales, etc., could not produce a single crime either solved or prevented. Yet, the advocates of "reasonable regulation" screamed like babies when it was repealed. Now they want to bring it back. Isn't it time the SJMN editors come clean and tell us what they really want?

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