Sunday, December 21, 2008

Moonbeam gives me a reason to support Proposition 8

I opposed Prop. 8, though I am sure the gay lobby would disapprove of my reasons:
  • I believe in rendering unto Caesar the things that are Caesar's; for that reason, I believe in strictly limiting the number of things that might arguably be said to belong to Caesar. This whole fight, on both sides, is not about marriage but about Caesar.
  • The government can decree cats to be dogs. It doesn't change the facts or my thinking.
  • If my experience in dealing with gay domestic violence is any indication, gay divorce should be hugely entertaining ("'No on 8. Bring popcorn' What does that mean?" "You'll see...").
Still, I am old enough to remember when the gay battle cry was to get government out of the bedroom; now they're saying their relationships are meaningless unless the State is a third party to them. And I have a long-enough memory to know that when the Left promises that a particular initiative is not the camel's nose under the tent, that we'll have the whole camel inside sooner rather than later. Fortunately, we have an Attorney-General of Jerry Brown's candor to let us know what's really up:

Jerry Brown urges court to void Prop. 8

The kicker comes in the penultimate paragraph of the article:
Brown compared his decision to oppose Proposition 8 to Attorney General Thomas C. Lynch's decision to oppose Proposition 14, a 1964 constitutional initiative that overturned a state law that prohibited housing discrimination based on race.
So Jerry Brown sees "gay marriage" as a means to further seize control of private property, and to ride roughshod over property owners' freedom to associate -- or not associate -- with whomever they choose. So much for "No on H8's" bland assertion that "gay marriage" is nothing to fear.

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