Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Bush: "Criminal idiocy toward Cuba will continue"

US Embargo Of Cuba To Continue Despite Castro Resignation

Excuse me, where's the adult supervision here? The US embargo of Cuba, now in its 49th year, is an abject failure on its own terms. Sane people, faced with such a record of failure, long ago would have re-evaluated their actions.

Embargoes traditionally are considered acts of war. So the US, in five decades of war, has failed to unseat the blowhard dictator of a tiny, impoverished island 90 miles from our own shores. It's worth pondering, especially in light of the 2 - 3 billion dollars per week we're burning in Mesopotamia, and the McCaniac's promise of a new Hundred Years War.

No doubt, the Bu'ushists will tell us that the embargo is necessary to "defend our freedom." As if the old Commie, or his slightly younger and less windy brother, could muster an invasion force that wouldn't be repulsed by the local gun club. We wouldn't have to call the military back from their garrisons in 126 foreign countries, where they attend to such vital American interests as killing and maiming innocent civilians, humiliating men in front of their wives and children, and raping schoolgirls.

Meanwhile, Ana Belen Montes rots in a Federal women's prison for spying for Cuba. Allegedly, her skewing of intelligence reports kept the Clinton Administration from accurately assessing the threat Cuba posed to the US. The court should have looked up "paranoia" in a dictionary. Other Americans have had their lives ruined by Federal stormtroopers, for the heinous crime of bringing Cuban cigars into the US.

Dubya says he wants to bring "the blessings of Liberty to the Cuban people." Someone should tell him that voluntary, mutually-beneficial exchange, unfettered by government interference, is one of those blessings.

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