Saturday, February 23, 2008

The Gray Lady makes a mess

NYT Public Editor condemns McCain/lobbyist story

This would be the same NYT that continues defending its first Pulitzer, won by Walter Duranty for covering up Stalin's Ukrainian genocide. And if they've ever condemned Senator Arthur Vandenberg for helping sell the US into a foreign war after British Intelligence placed at least two high-born sluts in his bed, I've never seen it.

NYT's Executive Editor, Bill Keller, defends the article. The April 11, 1999, Style section of the Times announced the wedding of then-Managing Editor Keller and author/journalist Emma Gilbey. That article concluded:
The bridegroom's first wedding ended in divorce.
Well, yes it did. Bill had his own adulterous relationship with Emma. Emma got pregnant; Bill divorced his wife and abandoned his two kids; Bill and Emma married; Bill got promoted to Executive Editor. But Emma, well-known for her "power dating," was John Kerry's ex-girlfriend. Did she unduly influence the Times' endorsement of Kerry for President?

I'm no fan of McCainiac. Or Barack Star. Or Satan-In-Heels. If Ron Paul is not on the ballot, I'll write him in. But the timing of this hit piece is most strange. McCainiac has plenty of ethical lapses, past and present, to be hammered with. Why a sex-for-favors scandal, especially such a thin one, and why now?

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